What is The Current Problem of Pakistan

What is The Current Problem in Pakistan
Why are political problems not solving

What is The Current Problem in Pakistan

     Political problems

Pakistan is facing many issues, but, there is an old issue spreading all over Pakistan, which is the political instability and elections, which has happened in Pakistan's life, it showed that all elections were corrupt, which has created challenges for Pakistan's integrity. Many wars were held in the past time due to it. Bangladesh was made an independent country by this issue, and it did not stop there it killed many Pakistan leaders like Laiqat Ali Khan, Yhyah Khan, Bhutto, Banzeer Bhutto, and others like Nawaz Sharif Banzeer Bhutto too.

·                    Why are political problems not solved?

similarly, it is the main issue of Pakistan, the elite class always trying to get power and use the whole sources of Pakistan for their won propos, interest sometimes different departments are interested in it, to occupy it in their hands, if we study the past it will reveal that the up-down of Pakistan political bodies is always made anarchy and made fool the people, after that they do not stop there they spread anarchy in the country after this issue east Pakistan ( Bangladesh) was cut up and the leader of that time killed and assonated,

·         1971 war or Bangladesh war

In addition, before the 1971 war, the election was held and the Awami League won it, but the West never wanted to give the whole government and power to East Pakistan they protested for their right but security agencies resisted, and then the civil war started, Maktub-bhani was the main cause of war, anarchy 1971 war. According to history, India sported Bangladesh, so, Pakistan used power to control it, at the same time India attacked and war began first it attacked airports the used infantry on X junction at that time Pakistan lost everything when it became hardest the Pakistan army surrendered itself on order of General Yahiya khan, Yhiaya khan killed at airplane enemy used the bomb.

·         Economy and education issues in Pakistan

                Here we are going to know about Pakistan one of the more important and common issues of the economy, any country that wants to progress first is its economy, for example, the US, the UK, China Japan, etc., are developed countries and they are facing international problems only not domestic, due to its strong economy, but, unfortunately, our lovely country Pakistan is facing a lot domestic and foreign issues. The main reason is different cultures illiteracy foreign interference also, there is no link between government and civil or public every leader wants to educate just their relatives and nearest blood, so, it is indeed to work for the nation all.

 Due to this issue, Pakistan's problems are increasing not reducing, now, the whole nation is against Security departments, and in the recent past the entire world saw people attacking security departments and their buildings, it is all the fault of Pakistan's politics and establishment leaders.

·         Conclusion

                Lastly, it is revealed that Pakistan never progresses without political stability, Pakistan's leader should work together for this country and use their full attention for the bright future of Pakistan. 

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