What is he Reason for Slow Growth in Pakistan?

What is The Reason for Slow Growth in Pakistan?

Why Pakistan is not growing
Why Pakistan is not growing

Why Pakistan is not growing

                Any country in this world, needs two things one is peace second is development, peace is required for fast growth and development is for prosperity, and both make a strong country. Unfortunately, Pakistani is a fatless state that never achieved it in the 76-year journey, many hurdles created different kinds of issues in the way she faced and went on. Sometimes, it is created by political instability and establishment, terrorists, or judiciary. On the other hand, some leaders also tried to spoil its peace just for their own interest, like, General Yhayah, Zullfaqar Ali Bhato, Nawaz Sharif, and his family.

 Political instability

                 From the birth of Pakistan, she faced political up-downs, when Pakistan was founded, Quid of Pakistan dissolved the first assembly of Sind just because he wanted to capital shift in Karachi, and the provisional assembly shifted to Hadair Abad, but, the CM of that time was not agree, he punished and accused as thief of printer. Liaquat Ali Khan was killed in a public meeting on stage, but it did not stop there, the law of Pakistan was made after nine years, it was amazing and impossible for a country to run by its constitutions. Bangladesh was separated in 1971 Pakistan lost that war and, it became more complex when Bhutto was assassinated, Mujeeb Ur Rahman was killed with his family in Dhaka,

                 After that, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif took the keen future of Pakistan. It was very hard he faced three things first the establishment the other foreign pressure and thread corruption. but he succeeded when he became the three-time prime minister of Pakistan. Due to establishment, he is found of corruption, so, he had never succeeded in his mission.


Similarly, the establishment always interfered in Pakistan’s politics, the half-life of Pakistan had been spent in martial, and the dictators of Yahya Khan, General Ayoub Khan, and General Musharraf were the last dictators of Pakistan. now, they are involved in politics silently, they disturb polls, and dissolving assemblies, according to different statements. Nowadays many groups and parties are making statements against it, the recent election was the worst in Pakistan’s history, and anarchy is spreading everywhere a hateful atmosphere is trending in the country.


                We discussed the murder of Liaqat Ali Khan, and Banzeer Bahtoo, the same other foreign agencies interfering in Pakistan's peace never wanted to Pakistan play a role in the Muslim World, so, they organized many organizations to destroy the calm state of Pakistan, not only tried to disturb peace, but also economically clash.


                The judiciary played both roles good and bad, but, the good is uncountable, The judiciary made very bad verdicts and assassinated many leaders and innocent people, this, it created anarchy in public due to its injustice verdicts, those judges, how to work for the role of law they resigned next day because of their rightful sentence never considered right 

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