What is Power and How is it Achieved?

                 What is Power and How is it Achieved?

Power and How is it Achieved
Power and How is it Achieved
                    To Achieve Power in The Whole World

  In this world each country wants to become a superpower, it is not new it has come from incent time everyone wanted to get power they attacked,  it for money and wealth, and people obeyed his orders so they ried cruelly to poor people served, according to history each king applied this formula, in the modern age, they change its mother and now they playing with politics and they made people salved with this each country playing different games like civil war political instability and using modern technology to occupied the world.

.    Politics is The Key of Power 

                Polity is the name of pace according to Islam, Islam taught us to always keep pace and Justas in society, all prophets played a vital role in it, and the holy book of Islam Quran also downed for it. If we took the example of the prophet's life it revealed that they would just work for prosperity and love,  our religion Islam also teaches that if some try to destroy the peace and spread anarchy in the world do Jihad against them.

   .    Islam's Concept of Power

                Our prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) Worked for it he tolerated all kinds of issues and bear them, the kuffar of Makkah offered them the highest chair of Makkah but, he avoided it because he asked who would the part of his administration who select them than non-Muslam said they will do it, then he said if you people bring, moon and sun and keep them in my hand I will refuse it. After that when they migrated to Medina they made a proper policy to capture Makkah, and then they fought several wars against them like Bader, Uhad,, and Kheebar Lastly, they made a system that spread its light after several centuries

.    Strengthen countries struggling to become more powerful

                 Today USA and China or Russia trying to capture the whole power of the world and rule it, The USA  was a powerful country after WWII it made many inventions and used them against its enemy. in this race each country that developed itself was affected to get more power and survive, in this modern age for this reason they attacked their neighbors and demolished them they did not stop here, the hot holocaust spread everywhere in previous and recent history. USA bombed Japan with an atomic bomb after that Hitler was also part of WWII when he destroyed his neighbor recently Russia attacked Ukraine and captured its large area and its sea.

 India also interfered in Kashmir and tried every kind of cruel in it, same Israel demolished innocent palatines just speared it area, and bombed them to stop aiding from outside of the world

  .    Conclusion

                In last, it is revealed that nothing is important in this world without power and wealth, each country and man trying to earn more to show his power they use their power illegally, So, the world needs peace and great friendly relations, it is the need of this age to spread awareness and education, then we will finish the illiteracy, it possible will to maintain peace in this world if we spend our money in the field of agriculture and education rather than weapon and security it may increase the Chans of peace and peaceful relations.

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