What is The Reason for The Unrest in Kashmir

What is The Reason for The Unrest in Kashmir

As a result of two days of clashes between police and protesters in Kashmir, several people have been injured and one policeman has been killed. Why did the protests in Pakistan-administered Kashmir finally turn violent?

What is The Reason for The Unrest in Kashmir
Reason for The Unrest in Kashmir

Protest to the Kashmiri Action Committee

A protest was called for by Kashmir's Awami Action Committee on May 11, but some arrests were allegedly made by the police in Dadyal and Mirpur to maintain law and order, in reaction to which the protest was called off on May 10. The issue began to heat up on May 8 last year when a stand-off crisis erupted in the Rawala court, followed by the establishment of public action committees. And suddenly, the same public demands are repeated in different areas of Kashmir, but the link of the recent protest is connected with the negotiations that took place in February of the same year between the government of the region and the Action Committee. The Action Committee believes that the government has All the demands accepted but till now they could not be implemented

How has The Conflict Affected The Residents of Kashmir?

Demands of Kashmiris

These demands include reducing the price of flour, setting a reasonable electricity tariff, revitalizing student unions, giving funds and powers to local representatives, standardizing cell and internet services, and reducing property taxes, among other demands. What to say, Majid Khan, the spokesperson of the government of Pakistan-administered Kashmir, says that the solution to all this problem can only be solved by talking to the government, because electricity and wheat are their domain. Majid Khan said that the government will give us some relief. We can do something only if you give

What is The stone Pelting in Kashmir?

Alleged Stone Pelting on Police

Many videos are viral on social media, in which not only stone pelting on the police but also videos of violence on the police personnel have been seen. On this, the government spokesperson said that we are not in favor of stopping the peaceful protest and even at this time, various places But his talks are going on with the protestors but he also said that we have come to know that 10% of the people are protesting, some want to make the protest violent and they have used weapons. As a result, many policemen have been injured, mobile and internet services have been suspended at some places and many roads leading to Muzaffarabad have been blocked by heavy police presence. Is

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