Was 4 Thousand Tons of Wheat be Stolen in Pakistan?

Was 4 Thousand Tons of Wheat be Stolen in Pakistan?

Recently, an internal report of the Sindh Food Department was leaked. According to this leaked report, about 4,000 tons of wheat were stolen from Sindh between 2022 and 2024. Now the question also arises of how 4,000 tons of wheat is stolen. How is it transported to different places and how much is its smuggling element?

Was 4 Thousand Tons of Wheat Stolen in Pakistan
4 Thousand Tons of Wheat be Stolen

How will 4 Thousand Tons of Wheat be Stolen?

Let's see how this whole matter is settled. To check this, I went to Hyderabad, where there are public and private warehouses of wheat. The sacks are made, which require several such warehouses to consolidate. Hyderabad is included in the list of four cities in the report where a severe shortage of wheat was reported from 2022 to 2023. Shaheed Benazirabad Hyderabad. Sukkur and Larkana are included

The Institution Ordered an Inquiry

Now, when the organization ordered an inquiry, it was found that the theft had taken place from within the organization. When the shortages become more, then when the wheat is not available in the market at all, we have to increase our factory, which sleeps for about half of our day. They take 50 sacks 40 sacks 60 sacks as much as wheat is available in the market, due to which the demand for flour is severely affected and the rates of flour start increasing. Now if we talk about this leaked report, Sindh Food The department has confirmed this report and said that this wheat was not only stolen but also sold in the market at high prices by disguising it as bad.

Action on Report Preparation

If this report has been prepared, has any action been taken on it so far? I asked the same question to Provincial Food Minister Jam Khan Shoro. If they have lost the wheat, action will be taken on it. The first of these committees is the report of the Damage Assessment Committee which is physical. It has been said that that report is in the possession of someone but the found copy has not yet been sent by the committee formed by the Department Concern CMIT. Actions will be taken while the Ministry of Interior has ordered action against 12 provincial officers involved in the charge of smuggling and selling bad wheat in the market in a letter issued on April 8.

Was 4 Thousand Tons of Wheat Stolen in Pakistan?
4 Thousand Tons of Wheat be Stolen

Answers to Some Questions

Now let's know the answers to some questions to understand when and where such a large amount of wheat was stolen and how it was sold in the market. When the same question was asked to the officers of the Sindh Food Department, two of them spoke on the condition of not revealing his name and position. Sindh Food Department officials said that to remove the wheat from these godowns, the officials of the institution made an excuse for the flood in 2022 and lied about transporting the wheat to a safe place. The sack of wheat taken from Bhane to be transferred from one place to another was proved to be a sack of gravel, for which soil and gravel were added to the same wheat sacks. The officer said that some of these sacks were delivered to private godowns. where it remained for two years while the other sacks were sold in the market after two years with the addition of gravel. It was not even fit for human or animal food. Whether it is officers connected with the Sindh Food Department or people connected with the business circles of Karachi, they all confirm that the wheat stolen from Sindh has also been transported to Afghanistan via Balochistan. The confirmation was also made by an officer in the Chaman area of Balochistan who said that in the last year and a half, the wheat reaching Karachi from various warehouses in Sindh has been transported to Balochistan via Lyari and then to Afghanistan from there.

How to Prevent Wheat from Being Stolen

Now how to save wheat from being stolen. The mill owners say that the Sindh government aims to purchase 14 lakhs of wheat every year, but in the end, it can produce only about eight or nine lakhs. He said that the biggest problem at the moment is the smuggling from the Pak-Afghan border. See the dilemma of Pakistan is that we have poor borders. But when we find out that this wheat is being smuggled and it is going, then we will put an intra-professional pan in a country like Pakistan where there is already a wheat problem every other year,” said mill owners. There is an urgent need to prevent incidents like the theft of wheat


How much wheat is wasted in Pakistan?

There is no accurate estimate of wheat wastage in Pakistan, but it is reported to occur at various stages of the supply chain.

Which country imports wheat from Pakistan?

Pakistan is not a major wheat exporter. While it exports some wheat, the main destinations are the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Maldives

Why does Pakistan have to import wheat?

Pakistan's wheat consumption outpaces production. This is due to population growth and factors like climate change affecting harvests

Did Pakistan buy wheat from Russia?

Pakistan significantly increased wheat imports from Russia in 2023 due to supply disruptions from Ukraine

Which country consumes the most wheat in the world?
China is the world's largest wheat consumer, consuming 153 million metric tons of wheat in 2023/24.

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