Brigadier Imtiaz Billa video: viral on social media

Brigadier Imtiaz Billa video: viral on social media

Recently, a video has gone viral on social media in which a weak and weak person is begging the policemen while standing next to him, his son is asking the policemen to arrest his own father. The son is snatching away from the father, first, they show you the video and then they will talk about it.

Brigadier Imtiaz Billa video viral on social media
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What can the viewers imagine that until 24 years ago, this man was the owner of Molus Sahahu and White. used to decide who would be left alive and who would be hanged on the throne. With one gesture, people would be released. At that time, the weak person on your screen was the most powerful in Pakistan in the 80s and 90s. If this person used to call Shaam in the morning, everyone would have to call him Shah from Karachi to Khyber and from Gilgad to Gwadar. This person was considered a symbol of terror. Because of his eyes, he was famous, the viewer, the target of power, power, and fame.

A person starts living free from the worry of tomorrow. A person who was the owner of black and white for a decade in Pakistan would have said morning and evening, everyone would have to admit it.

This character first came to light during the failed attempt to topple Benazir Bhutto's government in 1990. This man used money to buy the consciences of politicians. This is the man who was forcibly retired from the Pakistan Army but When Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister for the first time, this person was appointed Director IB, whether it was Operation Midnight Jackal or the end of the military organization called Operation Zulfiqar, this person was a controversial character in every 80s and 90s. suffering because of,

Brigadier Imtiaz Billah built 41 plots during his service, 11 of which were in the most expensive areas of Islamabad. Duran used his influence to get the plot, but after retirement, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for making more than his income. After his release from prison, he was arrested again in 2010.

Brigadier Imtiaz Billah was at one time the apple of Nawaz Sharif's eyes. Benazir came to know about this purchase and sale by the main MNA of the PPP Party to make Nawaz Sharif the prime minister while he was in Esai. Brigadier Imtiaz was expelled from ISI on charges of conspiracy against the Benazir government. Then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made him an adviser to the Punjab government, according to Voice of America. Along with Haqqani, they campaigned vigorously against the Benazir government.

He was accused of throwing pictures of Benazir Bhutto from a helicopter. Nawaz Sharif's Prime Minister Brigadier Imtiaz Billah was appointed the Intelligence Bureau's head. He was accused of poisoning Army Chief General Asif Nawaz. Brigadier Imtiaz Billah was left with the wreckage of the beginning of the sale and purchase of the assembly.

During Imtiazwallah's tenure, Operation Cleanup started in Karachi. During this operation, many youths were killed. At that time, it was claimed that the MQM leadership was trying to break Pakistan, but later they retracted their own claim. Brigadier Imtiaz Billah is also being accused of killing 15,000 civilians during his tenure.

In the video that was shown, this father is the one who humiliated Silen during the period of power and power. He has made many mistakes for the sake of his sons, suffered the accusations of poisoning the army chief, endured the debris of the conspiracy to overthrow the government, the practice of money and buying and selling in politics, and laid the foundation for the traditions of blackmailing politicians. Such mistakes happened to this person, but now the same sons are making him homeless from home, surely these videos are enough to make our conscience stronger.

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