Awam Pakistan Party: Pakistani New Political Party

Awam Pakistan Party: Pakistani New Political Party

A new party has been formed by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Mufta Ismail Sahib, the name is Awam Pakistan. By the way, this party is still in its early days, but it does not matter whether the party is big or small. It has gone to the heart

Awam Pakistan Party Pakistani New Political Party
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As ever, Imran Khan's 1st agenda was changed, whether he accomplished it or not is a different matter, but this party has made its one-point agenda, prosperity, and a long slogan like Imran Khan had made it, one Pakistan, not two.

The Slogan of the Awam Pakistan Party: Pakistan is for everyone.

The slogan of the Awam Pakistan Party is Pakistan That Works for Everyone. There should be a Pakistan that treats all its citizens equally, where everyone has equal opportunities to grow, everyone gets a good education, everyone gets good health, and there is so much between the weak and the strong. The gap should not be created, how big this gap has become in Pakistan. The top five percent of Pakistan have more than 50 percent of the total wealth of Pakistan. Those who are land lords who are feudal lords have about 60% of the land of entire Pakistan, while the 60% of the people do not have even an inch of land. That is, about 150 million people have this number, they have only 10% of the total wealth of Pakistan. Getting a good education is what powerful people get. It is reserved, and the court also gives justice, so it seems to be the same. Generally, the impression is that if a poor person and a rich person, if a powerful weak person ever reaches the court, then the decision will always be in favor of the powerful person. These are the problems. What this party is focusing on, the manifesto they have put on their website is very to-the-point, precise, small, and very specific, and these are exactly the real problems of Pakistan.

Potential Impact on Pakistan

During the days of Imran Khan's government, inflation was increasing, debts were increasing, and there was a noise that there should be a technocrat government in Pakistan, but all the politicians have failed. There was a time when Mufta Ismail Sahib became the finance minister and at that time Mufta Ismail Sahib Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Sahib the Finance Minister and also Mustafa Nawaz Khokar Sahib, these three people joined together to form a new party which was mainly based on their own. It will add many technocrats and it will be a party that is very different from our conventional political parties. So they will run the country like an institution is run.

Form a party before the election

At that time, the name of this party was called Emerging Pakistan, sometimes it was said that Aming Pakistan is being formed, but this party was never formed. Chika Hai Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar Sahib is not in this party. Murtaza Ismail Sahib and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Sahib said that Khokar Sahib's idea was to form a party before the election and contest the election, while these people's idea was that the party It was not a good idea to launch a party immediately after forming it in an election.

After the election, the party was formed so that this party can be properly organized in the next one or two years, it can be spread at the grass root level, local bodies can be formed, and its penetration to the public is not possible. Mustafa Nawaz Khokar Sahib also thinks that this party has been formed too soon, now was not the right time to form it, that is why he is not joining this party at present, he will join after some time.

The basic idea is that a center-left party should become a liberal party, but it should become a democratic party, like all the parties in Pakistan, but Shahid Khaqan Abbasi himself said in an interview that Imran Khan said this is very good. There should not be matrimonial politics. There is no way for a party leader to have his son or daughter lead the party. However, it should also be said that someone who is a party leader should not be a party leader for life. That is also a change. Khazan Abbasi said himself, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi himself said that in a party like Jamaat-e-Islami, the leadership keeps changing and Jamaat-e-Islami cannot be attributed to any one person. The party is being formed, it will have a maximum of one to two terms of the party leader and these terms can be three to four years, it should not be more than that. There should be a change in the leadership of the party. The party standing above should not be a person's name

Where the ideology party and the agenda of the party are being talked about, there is also a culture of the party, like in some parties the culture is a little indigenous type, in some, it is more western type, and the culture of the left is the culture of the right. In place, we had a culture of rudeness in almost all the parties. Till now, every party used to keep some people who were just left to each other.

The approach of this party is very different, whether you take the name of Imran Khan, whether you take the name of Nawaz Sharif, you take the name of anyone, you take the name of Jamaat-e-Islami with great respect, you praise everyone. And they say that everyone is respectable to us, we don't want anyone, we consider anyone as an opponent, we have our own agenda, wool has its own agenda, talk about the agenda.

Public is also fed up that two Politicians

The public is also fed up that two politicians are sitting and fighting with each other like two animals are fighting. If she selects, then not only taking the name of others with great respect is being included in the culture of this party, but it is also going one number further than that. What is join there are some MNAs etc. but they are not very famous people, there have not been any famous ministers, etc. That's why I am not mentioning them in detail, they are technical writers, there are professionals, and educated people, so join them Karna is certainly very happy for Abbasi Sahib and Mufta Ismail Sahib, but they are also saying that we are not trying to invite famous politicians to our party, which is a concept of electables in our country. That the party they will go to will win, they are breaking the whole thing, breaking the impression. If it is ethical then it should not be done, we want new people to come and new options to the public.

Awam Pakistan Party Chairman and Media

When it comes to Pakistani politics and the establishment is not mentioned, how can this be when reporters meet Shahid Khaqan Abbasi or Ismail Sahib, they ask clearly that yes, the establishment has launched you. They also give a very clear answer. The first thing they do is, look, brother, the establishment launched us. We reject it clearly, because if it was launched, would they have remembered it after the election? A political party has to be launched and the second is that the establishment has always had a special procedure that they say to the electables that now you should join this party and that party then gets power after that it becomes the king's party. Yes, we are not even calling such electables and they are not even joining us, so don't blame this establishment on us,

Awam Pakistan Party: An ideological party

They say that our total is an ideological party and on the basis of this ideology they want to make us such a party that even when we are not on the scene, this party will be present and give Pakistan a new type of politics. They are very good, very beautiful things, but the establishment says that nothing is stopping us from the establishment, or not letting you do this work, so thank you for that, but it has been launched by the establishment. There is no logic to this. Again, these things are very good, but the question is whether these things are true.

Different people have been saying very good things during their respective times. Some people used to say that we will keep Kashmir. Some people said that we would give them bread and cloth.

Someone said that we will bring change, we will end VIP culture, we will end corruption, but it is also a fact that when whoever has power, has only benefited himself, God is the only one. What is the plus for the public is that in this era the public has to respond to the kind of things that some politicians judge and realize and then do the same thing as his manifesto and make his agenda public. We all see that the powerful people in Pakistan have become a separate Pakistan and the weak people have become a separate Pakistan.

In such a situation hatred against the rich people has started to arise, they are all bad, they are all corrupt, they are all robbing Pakistan, and they are squeezing the poor, this is becoming a mindset, and this mindset They have created an agenda to cash in. Besides, the Pakistani nation was definitely fed up with our current type of rude politics, especially our female voters. That you can't tell us this by talking to someone clearly, so he interjected a big literate and confused politician.

These people are doing a hundred things very well in Pakistan, but the problem is that the people who were there before them were also doing very good things. The question is whether these people will want to bring change against the elite capture. They are talking to the same elite, so they have their own relationship. This is a question that has yet to be answered. We can only pray that those who are saying this will do the same and the country will improve.

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