Good news from PM for electricity consumers

Good news from PM for electricity consumers

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has decided to take action against the officers and officials who artificially add extra units to the bills of electricity consumers. The FIA ​​has also been directed to identify and investigate the officers and officials.

Good news from PM for electricity consumers
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Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi meeting

Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi called an important meeting regarding the complaint of over-billing of safe sarees. The issue of over-billing will be reviewed in the meeting. Billing Complaints Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi has called an important meeting today. The issue of over-billing will be reviewed in the meeting. In this regard, complaints of over-billing from protected consumers of 10 power distribution companies across the country had come up and the FIO and other agencies have started an investigation into the billing of the new system to LACO. Sarakin and Bling. It has been revealed.

Overbilling of electricity

The over-billing of electricity has exhausted the patience of the people. According to the documents received by Pak Overview, on the order of the Ministry of Energy, a new billing mechanism Proverta has been implemented in 10 discos. To create a bill for the day, if a customer uses electricity for 20 days and keeps it off for 10 days, this system will create a bill by extracting the offer of the electricity used. The meter reading days vary in different areas, but the new system has calculated a total of 30 days. Average bills have been sent to lakhs of customers due to extra units being charged in the bills, 3 lakh 26350 customers across the country have left the protective category and had to pay extra bills.

According to the sources, Nepra had expressed reservations about the new billing system, despite the resistance of the discos, the Prorata system was launched. On the other hand, after taking notice of the Prime Minister, FIA has started an investigation and requested data from the discos. FIA has also sent notices to the officers of various discos.

Good news for electricity consumers. Prepare to withdraw the decision to increase the tariff up to one unit per month. The subsidy will be given The cabinet had approved the increase in the basic tariff of electricity up to seven rupees 12 paise per unit

Prime Minister's: historic package for the farmers of Balochistan 28 thousand agricultural tube wells will be transferred to solar in three months. The agreement between the federal and provincial governments has been signed. The project will cost 55 billion rupees. Shehbaz Sharif says that the government will not do it. Farmers will be happy with the transfer of agricultural tube wells to solar.

CM Punjab: approves Roshan Gharana program Up to 200 units of solar systems will be provided Up to 500 units of electricity users will be given solar on an interest-free loan The government will pay 90 percent of the cost of the solar panel The government will pay 10 percent of the cost to the consumer The Punjab Cabinet has decided today. It will be approved. Maryam Nawaz has said that people will not be left alone in difficult situations.

The amazing story of corruption in LESCO, the mega scandal of fraud worth billions of rupees has come to light. initiated the refunds to customers and also asked for records of placements

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