Who Just Joined NATO in 2024 | When did Sweden join NATO

 Who Just Joined NATO in 2024

When did Sweden join NATO?

Sweden lastly merged with NATO on Thursday, the importance of the Western defense alliance has closely ringed the whole Baltic Sea, a chief oil trading way for Russia and home to one of its fleets. “The Baltic Sea NATO lake  said Krišjānis Kariņš, Latvia’s international minister and a self-anouncede candidate to head NATO. As it officially becomes the 32nd member of the US-led association during a rite in Washington, Sweden takes with it the mid-Baltic island of Gotland — dubbed a “giant aircraft carrier” — which makes the defense of the three short Baltic states cool. 

Who Just Joined NATO in 2024
When did Sweden join NATO

When did Sweden and Finland join the NATO?

Sweden and Finland linking NATO was all but impossible three years ago. But when Russian tanks started racking towards Kyiv in February 2022, the two Nordic countries felt what Moscow could do to its neighbors who were not members of the military alliance. Finland’s agreement was finished last year, while Stockholm’s bid was held up by Turkey and Hungary. Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt said his country fitting with NATO would “significantly grow the report for the buck in defense and restriction in northern Europe”. “For many years, we have been divided. 

Now, we essential to think in more united terms,” Bildt added. Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, has declared plans to reorganize Russia’s military and complaint armies in the area to “neutralize threats” he said stand up from Sweden and Finland’s NATO connection. Russian intrenatioanl minister Sergei Lavrov said the last week that “all the long decades of excellent  neighborliness have gone to dust” because the US military “has the right to do any thingtheg demand in Sweden — visit any site and create any of their own”. Russia’s feed backvwould added“additional systems that will be capable to the intimidations that could reavel in the area of Finland and Sweden”, he said. Russia’s welfare in the Baltic Sea is both financial and military.

Russians May Become more Anxious About NATO
Russia is a Threat To NATO

As Russia is a Threat To NATO

St Petersburg, which had hug eoil refineries, ships its exports via the Gulf of Finland through the Baltic Sea. The Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, located between Poland and Lithuania, is home to Russia’s Baltic task force and nuclear-skilled Iskander ballistic missiles. Russia has been defenseless to the alteration of the region’s “non-nuclear” rank in the past but has not said whether the weapons transport nuclear weapons. In case of a fight, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania up until now would have trusted practically entirely on locking aids and materials via the Suwałki Gap, a thin and weak 100km band unraveling the Baltics from Poland. By conecting NATO, Sweden give new opportunities via the sea, as Gotland is less than two 100-km from the Latvian shore. “It closing the susceptibility of the Baltics by single the Suwałki Gap. 

The intier security of the section is created robust due to it makes the eastern Baltic less vulnerable,” said Kariņš. Linas Linkevičius, Lithuania’s former foreign minister who is now its legate in Stockholm, said his country had been motivated for Sweden to join NATO “for lengthier than Sweden had”. He added: “With the initial of the Baltic Sea as a NATO sea, the Suwałki Gap becomes less defenseless.

Russians May Become more Anxious About NATO

               The Russians may become more anxious. Kaliningrad will not live if they challenge to dare NATO.” Sweden’s and Finland’s accessions also qualify NATO to look at northern Europe as one giant region, starved of a wide hole in the map. “to Narva [in Estonia to Nuuk in Greenland ,east-west,  in Norway to Kraków in Poland north-south,” as Bildt clear The Baltic condition, may be the major speedy receivers from the Sweden assembly, with Stockholm set to send a battalion to join the international presence in Latvia. But the inmost ups and downs over the period are likely in the Nordic 

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