What's on St Patrick's Day 2024?-why Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated

 What's on St Patrick's Day 2024?

why Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated.

    Saint Patrick or Feast Saint Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious anniversary, which can be celebrated on 17 March, which is also the old-fashioned death of Saint Patrick (c. 385 – c. 461), it is the main patron of Ireland. Saint Patrick was officially declared a Christian feast or festival in the early 17th century, especially observed in the Catholic Church.

What's on St Patrick's Day 2024
What's on St Patrick's Day 2024

The day is celebrated in honor of Christianity and its arrival in Ireland, by adding the heritage culture of Arlish in general, on this occasion people wear green attire and shamrock, it is celebrating in many countries like, us, Canada, Brazil, Africa, Uk, Argentina, Ast the saint Patrick day is celebrated in worldwide countries it is famous any other national festival in the world, it is the national festival of many countries like brazil Us Especially Ireland other more. Moreover, on this day mass have the fun of the holiday on national and official levels by drinking alcohol and different juice.

Who was the Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick was from Britain and was born in the fourth century, then he was taken by and enslaved by the Irish when he was 16, he just spent six years in Ireland, regarding history then he became Christion. According to him, he spoke with God in a dream and an got order to leave Ireland, in another dream he saw that Engel told him to return to Ireland as a missionary, and he became a priest after fifteen years of study,

What closed and opened on Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is not official and federal leave-school traffic also runs at its previous condition, but in the traditional area where it takes place people block the road due to the Saint Patrick parade, although it is not a federal holiday, people celebrate it in a huge amount.


 The symbol of this day is the shamrock, it is the leaf of clever plants and the symbol of the Holy Trinity usually everything is green and white.

The white, green, and Orange of the flag of Ireland.

Many religious symbols as snakes and traitors  

Why are they wearing green on Saint Patrick's Day

Attiring green comes from ancient Ireland and, actually from the 18th century. When Irish people made a green symbol of Irish nationalize and rebellion against Britain's rules, wearing

 green is sympathy with Saint Patrick

Why it is celebrated

Originally it was celebrated in honor of Saint Patrick who brought Christianity to the US and Ireland. 

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