Reasons Why Mental Health is Increasing

Reasons Why Mental Health is increasing?

Reasons why mental health is increasing
Reasons why mental health is increasing

Reasons Why Mental Health is shooting the roof now a days 

Life is so hard, for some people can't serve well and feel hesitations in their daily lives. Some considered their self as psycho, and others faced different illnesses.

According to scientists, the main reason for this illness is less behavior, looking at himself as being in a chaotic and problematic environment, although, there is no problem or chaos it is just his mode which is commanded by the mind negatively, and the influence of the bad atmosphere.

Reasons why mental health is increasing
Reasons why mental health is going up

Why we can't adopt positive behavior

 The main reason for chaos in society is injustice, cruelty, and empowerment of illiterate people which can create an atmosphere of desperation in mass, 


The pallor of a society is justice, it can build and maintain peace and healthy activities in countries and societies, it marks evil or diabolic activities, and takes decisions against them. It is the nature of human beings, if they are at peace, secure, and able to fulfill their daily needs, so, they never do wrong work, and they afraid of clear justice 


 If we study history we will find much evidence, that if a king was curled and injustices war, and chaos were their fat. The curled king lost their empire, like, Peron, Abojheel, Hitler, and Zar of Russia.

Islams concept 

 Islam is the name of peace and justice, and its main goal is to maintain society in the way God thought through Prophets and holy books, The prophet taught us everything with the help of Hadis and reminded holy books for upcoming people, and they corrected their way towards the right direction. the last prophet of Muslims was Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was the greatest example of justice and a symbol of peace and a happy world in his company's time, the Wolf never theft food and there was no shortage of food and shelter and other needs of life. If people did not worry about their food, shelter, and security they will spend their life with calm and peace of mind, which would help them to create a better atmosphere.

Reasons why mental health is increasing
Reasons why mental health is increasing
Empowerment of illiterate mass

The destruction and mental illness become the fat of those societies which can be led by uneducated people, uneducated people create tensions due to their empty minds and secure just their own interests. it will bring injustice, social evils, and chaos the people of that empire will adopt many other diabolic activities to fill their essential things, the horror things happened suddenly, and no one can hide from crime because of the created environment of chaos, 

Dangerous food and drink 

Their iare some unhealthy food adrink which is also responsible for your mantel health. For example the alchohal drinking, eating in secure food, sugar and the smoking. drinking, it is the worse shape of mantel disorder it genrat different chemical reaction in body and unstable natural behavior, as soon as possible avoid it include such foods. human you should eat healthy and natural food, like, NUts, Frruits, Meet and milk the same others.


The only solution is the good system of any country to make a good environment, the bad system will in chaos, it means the mind problem is related to you it is created by the system means government. So, if you have all the needs of life your mind will automatically calm and happy without some mantel disorders or illnesses.

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